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We will travel as a group to Prague. You can also arrange your own flights. There are many travel opportunities during the program. You have 3-day weekends and one 5-day break. Prague is close to many major European cities. You can also find inexpensive flights throughout Europe. Here are a few cities to consider.

Barcelona Munich

Faculty can make recommendations on travel locations but organizing travel details and accommodation will be your responsibility. The student adviser can also assist in making broad recommendations. Students quickly form travel groups to make travel more fun and convenient.

Independent travel is one of the greatest learning experiences. You will be amazed at how much you have changed during the program. But, you must do some pre-planning to get the most out of your free time. This means reading some of the resources below. Do not expect other people to plan your trips. You won't get the most from your program.

You should read a good travel guidebook such as Europe Through the Backdoor, Let's Go Europe or Lonely Planet. These are available online or in local bookstores later in the spring.

You might want to purchase a railpass for savings and convenience. Some countries offer special ticket prices as well.There are also low-cost European airlines to travel to more distant cities. Railpass information is available from several sources such as Rick Steves and Railpass Express.

Railroad time schedules are available online. The Czech railroad timetable is available in English. The Swiss website is the easiest to use but the French and German websites are also helpful. You can get train times for all countries in Europe from any of these sites.

The Prague train station is about 15 minutes by bus from the apartments. The airport is also on public transportation routes.

Some airlines to consider are Ryan Air , Europe By Air, Air Berlin, Easy Jet.

Inexpensive lodging can be found at Hostel World or Backpackers Ultimate Guide to Europe. They have hostel reviews of youth hostels for most European cities. They also have some background information on countries and cities.