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You will be living in a small dorm room for 8 weeks. Do not try to take your entire wardrobe with you.

Some luggage suggestions and ideas:

  • A small suitcase or medium-size backpack is ideal for weekend trips. Most students take one larger suitcase or wheeled duffle bag and a smaller bag. They also take a carry on bag and a computer bag.
  • You can put the smaller bag inside the larger bag to reduce how many pieces you are carrying. You want to have room for souvenirs and gifts. Some other tips.
    • Take old clothes which you can leave behind.
    • Plan on leaving your old textbooks in Europe.
    • Reduce the number of shoes you take and buy some in Europe.

The airlines limit the weight of your luggage so pack light. The suggested packing list will help you choose what to take.

Short packing list

Pack light - another article on lightweight travel

Electric Applicances

France and the rest of Europe uses 220 volt, 50 HZ electricity. Your standard USA hair dryers, curling irons, shavers and battery chargers will not work in Europe. You should check that your computer and any electronics that you take will work on 220 V/50Hz current.


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