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Read what former students have to stay. The program has room for 48 students. But, it fills quickly, so don't wait to apply.

See pictures and tales from the 2009 program

I would have regretted not taking this opportunity...greatest experience ever!
Great culture differences in such little distance are fun learning experiences. Opened my eyes to just how powerful our country's media is to the rest of the world too. JB - 2009

This is an excellent program for a student who wants to explore Europe, have a great time, while earning credits towards graduation.
JMD – 2008

Dijon is a cute little town perfect for those new to the world of travel but also interested in deep history and culture. JB - 2009

Thank you for an amazing trip. I had a wonderful time and consider this to be the best last minute decision I have ever made. I would recommend this study abroad experience to anyone.
ES – 2008

Studying in Dijon, France was the opportunity of a lifetime and is icing on the cake for any Virginia Tech students' college experience.
EW – 2008

I never thought I could learn so much by being in a foreign country studying abroad, but that alone makes the experience so much more worthwhile. I not only was able to earn 9 credits (6 of which were towards my major), but also gained the knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles different from my own. It was by far the most fun and worthwhile program I have ever been enrolled it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
LS - 2008

Don't let the money issue stop you at all.  It is possible, and should NOT be a deciding factor for you. JB - 2009

The program offers a rich cultural experience with opportunities and education beyond the classroom. Although the school week is shortened, the material is not so be prepared for the workload. This way you still get the same educational value of the classes abroad as you would if you took them in Blacksburg. The French Culture class is very interesting and made relevant to current cultures and trends. It works out great if you are still looking for an area 2 class!
KL - 2008