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Weekends will be yours to explore Europe. You will havel 3-day weekends so you can travel further and see more. Chartered buses will take us to Nice, Paris, Interlaken, Switzerland, Muenster and Amsterdam. This will greatly simplify your travel planning. All students also receive a German railpass for easy access to local airports. Several airports in the Muenster area offer low-cost flights to cities like Barcelona, Rome, Dublin, London and Prague.

See pictures from Brian Steele (Ask Brian your questions about the program)

Prior students have visited these cities, among others.

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Florence
  • Munich
  • Nice, Monaco, Cannes
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Interlaken, Switzerland

Your faculty can help you plan your travels. Students quickly form travel groups to make travel more fun and convenient.

You should read a good travel guidebook such as Europe Through the Backdoor, Let's Go Europe or Lonely Planet. These are available online or in local bookstores later in the spring.

Railroad time schedules are available online. The Swiss website is the easiest to use but the French and German websites are also helpful. You can get train times for all countries in Europe from any of these sites.

Some airlines to consider are Ryan Air , Europe By Air, Air Berlin, Easy Jet.

Inexpensive lodging can be found at the Backpackers Ultimate Guide to Europe. They have hostel reviews of youth hostels for most European cities. They also have some background information on countries and cities.