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Resort Management

December 29, 2016 - January 12, 2017


Feedback from 2014 Participants

“Absolutely life changing.”

“I learned so much about Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic, and got to have so many incredible experiences with amazing people. None of us ever wanted to leave.”

“It was absolutely amazing… I learned so much that could only be taught outside of the classroom, hands on.”

“Nothing will ever be able to prepare you for the cultural experience you are surrounded with on this trip. The people you meet will honestly change your life and views.”



Faculty Leader

Tom Duetsch is the program leader and instructor. He is an adjunct instructor in the department of Hospitality and Tourism Management and has taught HTM 3044 (Club Management), HTM 2515 (Catering Management) and HTM 1515 (Introduction to Hospitality). He is a certified club manager through the Club Managers Association of America and has been General Manager of the Blacksburg Country Club for 16 years.